Why Visit


Why Visit?

Asia-Pacific Wind Energy Expo

The expo will offer attendees the possibility to move down the learning curve rapidly.  With over +100 exhibitors specializing in the fields of wind turbine assembly, components manufacturing and distribution, raw material supply, energy storage, maritime engineering underwater foundation, ship manufacturing, wind power generation systems, wind farm operation and maintenance, grid connection, financial services, and human resources. All will be there to see and understand!  Our expo targets to be Taiwan’s first one-stop-shop for wind energy initiatives.

For industry experts and businesses active, or interested in being active, the presence of all industry participants will allow for high-end meetings with decision-makers that is sure to short-cut your business development efforts.  Come and connect, get the exposure you need to be seen as a player in the industry and hopefully close those deals you want to move decisively forward with the industry as it unfolds!

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